~Allan A. Apone

Owner MEL Labs, with over 100 film credits

Latest Upcoming Films: Arena, Iron Man 2, The Avengers I love “t h r e e j a n e s” brushes! This is what I tell colleagues and clients. These are some of my favorite brushes in my makeup kit. The versatility of working in many mediums is a tribute to the thought and artisanship that is put into designing these brushes. One of my clients refers to the powder brush as her “Desert Brush” because it feels so lush. I will never work without them.

~Michael Spatola

4 time Best makeup Nominee

Author of : The Monstrous Makeup Manual This t h r e e j a n e s brush set is great! I love it. The tip shapes and materials are well thought out and obviously designed by a makeup artist. The Bristles are soft, yet resilient, and are great for blending powders and crèmes alike. The presentation is beautiful as well, the wooden handles are nicely finished and the leather case is soft and supple. The complete set screams luxury. Understand, as a makeup artist of over 30 years, I’ve acquired hundreds of brushes, but when it’s time for me to do flawless beauty makeup, I reach for the t h r e e j a n e s brush set.

~Melissa Gilbert

2 time Golden Globe Winning Actress / Author

I absolutely adore my t h r e e j a n e s brushes. I can be a bit Klutzy with makeup but my t h r e e j a n e s brushes help me to be klutz-proof!! They really are the best!!

~Tuyen Tran

Makeup and Hair for The Craig Ferguson Show

I love my t h r e e ja n e s brushes! I have been using them for the past two years and it has been amazing. The brushes are gorgeous and they feel incredible on the skin. I recommend that every artist get a set for their kit

~Liza Coggins

Head of Makeup Dept for the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Three janes brushes almost instantly became my most favorite tools in my make up arsenal… The quality and softness of the hair, so beautifully shaped and utilitarian, they quickly surpassed all other brush brands I had been using, and I’ve used them all!!! I will only purchase t h r e e j a n e s brushes in the future, no one else comes close to the quality. I highly recommend them to be used for professional use or otherwise.

~Trent Cotner

3 time Emmy Nominated Makeup Artist

I've been doing makeup for over 17 years and I am always on the lookout for the "perfect" brush set. When I came across Three Janes collection, I said, "I think I found them!!

~Lynne Austin

A fan of three janes for life.

Dear Leilani, I'm not the type to send emails to companies lauding their products. I'm a very busy mom of four as well as on air radio talent for CBS affiliate in Tampa Florida. BUT, I had to let you in on a little secret.... I adore the Three Janes brush kit I received! I have been in the public eye for a long time. As The Original Hooters girl, I graced billboards and speed boats, Nascars and taxi tops for decades. I was a centerfold for Playboy in the mid 80's and have done TV work throughout. Needless to say, I've had my face done many times and do my own makeup for most of my work now. The Three Jane brush collection makes my morning so easy! A beautifully crafted set of brushes in a case that travels well but most important they seem to actually know how much powder, blush, eye shadow needs to be applied! It's like magic! Also I am a stickler about washing my brushes and these wash and retain their shape amazingly! I am looking forward to any new products your company may come out with!